Because at Abstract® we want to be able to help everyone with quality products and are affordable for every budget, we have developed the Abstract® Dual Wave Study Buddy.

The Abstract® Study Buddy is an ideal replacement for the classic UV lamp and is an ideal entry-level model for people who take their first steps in the world of nail styling or for people who only occasionally place a set of nails, but still achieve maximum performance. be looking. This 36 watt Dual Wave LED lamp is suitable for curing any UV or LED gel. The pre-programmed timer settings and the easy-to-read display ensure excellent ease of use. Double click the timer setting to activate the Low Heat function.

And there is more. The Study Buddy is also available in a Portable version… super handy if you want to provide people with gel polish on the toes, but avoid the clutter of cables.


  • The bottom plate is equipped with finger position indicators, which guarantees perfect curing time after time.
  • The removable bottom plate makes it easy to clean.
  • The LED display shows the exact time indication for both the Nail Tech and the customer.
  • Preset timer settings of 30, 60 and 90 seconds help to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • The reflective inner housing and bottom plate ensure that the light beams are distributed to the maximum so that functionality is maximized.
  • Suitable for hands and feet.
  • Weight: 1000 gr
  • Dimensions: 26.7 x 22.6 x 9.3 cm
  • Works with an adapter

Dual Wave Study Buddy | Abstract

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