CHIQUE CONCEALER PINK Gelly Gel 5ml | Abstract

Are you a geller in heart and soul, but do you find placing gel nails during these summer temperatures a challenge? Do your hairs stand up when you notice that your beautifully built-up nail has completely slumped into the cuticle? Then the Abstract Gelly Gels are your salvation and the perfect solution.

Abstract Gelly Gels are thick building gels that can be applied immediately on the natural nail. Despite the thick viscosity, the gels are very easy to model and equalize so that they end up in the cuticles. For the nail stylists among us who are a fan of the "reverse technique" these gels will be an absolute "eye opener". Regarding the wearability on the natural nails, it can be said that despite being extremely strong, they still feel pleasant and feather-light. The gels are extremely effective on natural nails, tips and templates and do not yellow.

Curing times based on a 36 watt lamp: 90 seconds in LED and 120 seconds in UV.


CHIQUE CONCEALER PINK Gelly Gel 5ml | Abstract

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